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“The Model” is based on a careful examination (in a number of chapters in the book) of the results of the most recent scientific experiments, especially in quantum physics. It begins with the premise that the “reality” we see and experience “out there” is not “real” at all, and not “out there” at all. There is no solid, objective, independent “reality,” but a holographic projection by each individual created inside his or her own head, based on wave frequencies chosen from The Field and downloaded to the human brain.

In this Model, it is an “Infinite I” (sometimes unfortunately called by others a “higher self” or “higher consciousness”) who chooses those specific wave frequencies to produce the individual holographic experiences. This Infinite I creates a “Player” to be its representative (its “avatar”) in the Human Game, to whom it downloads these experiences.

The Player is given enough self-consciousness and awareness – what I now call “Artificial Consciousness” (AC, as compared to Artificial Intelligence – AI) – to be able to exercise free will as it reacts and/or responds to these experiences it encounters from its Infinite I. However, as it does so, it develops fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions which then impact its perception of its experiences and create limitations and restrictions in its life. (Imagine what life could be like if parents and teachers and friends didn’t instill fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions into a Player growing up!)

Even though all experiences created by an Infinite I for its Player are “neutral” in nature, the Player’s fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions cause it to perceive these experiences as “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” “better” or “worse.” The Player begins to resist those experiences it perceives as “bad,” “wrong,” or “worse,” and soon spends most of its time thinking of itself as a victim and trying to fix, change, or improve those experiences. In the Model, this is the First Part of the Human Game, which is a dwindling spiral of limitations and restrictions.

When it’s ready for its Player to get out of this dwindling spiral of the “Ego,” the Infinite I offers multiple opportunities (that often repeat, at least in similarity) for the Player to let go of its fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions by creating experiences for the Player that bring these fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions into the light to be examined, if the Player is willing to look. In the Model, this is called the Second Part of the Human Game.

True happiness, “ultimate freedom” and peace of mind (the Third Part of the Human Game) are only possible when a Player can let go of its fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions – in essence, let go of its “Ego” – and begin to perceive the experiences created for it by its Infinite I as completely “neutral,” and therefore react/respond to ALL experiences it encounters, no matter what they are, with equal joy and excitement. Letting go of fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions can be accomplished in any number of different ways. The Process and Spiritual Autolysis mentioned in the book are just two.

Most Players, however, and most “self-help” and “spiritual enlightenment techniques” focus on trying to fix, change or improve the “reality out there” in order to achieve True Happiness, “ultimate freedom” and peace of mind. Gimmicks such as the “Law of Attraction,” “The Secret,” and so-called Visualization/Manifestation Techniques don’t work (except anecdotally, which has nothing to do with anything the Player does!) because a Player doesn’t create its experiences. (Its Infinite I does!) The only true power a Player has, is the choice of its reactions and responses to these experiences, which it can change at any time by simply changing its perceptions through letting go of its Ego (fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions).

To those who claim “we create our own reality,” we simply do not and can not create our holographic experiences – that power lies with the Infinite I alone (the only “one” in the proper position to choose wave frequencies from The Field to create holographic experiences). However, we DO create our own perception of reality by perceiving the experiences created for us through the filters of our fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions. (We can change those perceptions at any time even though we cannot change the holographic experience itself.)

There are other keys to True Happiness, “ultimate freedom” and peace of mind as well. One is for the Player to recognize that it is NOT its Infinite I – but simply an aspect of its Infinite I created for the specific purpose of playing the Human Game – and to stop trying to do the Infinite I’s job, like creating its experiences. The most Truthful thing to say about “who you really are” is that you are a Player, not an Infinite I. (The self-consciousness, awareness – AC, Artificial Consciousness – and abilities of a Player pale in comparison to the consciousness, awareness, and abilities of an Infinite I.) Only the Ego would like the Player to think it “really is” – or could ever become – its Infinite I. True Happiness, “ultimate freedom” and peace of mind are possible only when a Player finally surrenders to the fact that it is a Player, and nothing else, is totally happy with that, and stops trying to be something “more.”

Another key is that when the process of letting go of its Ego – its fears, judgments, beliefs and opinions – is done fully and completely, a Player also lets go of the fear not only of death, but also of non-existence after death and the need to be an “immortal soul.” (Virtually all religions exist as a solution to the fear of non-existence after death. Let go of that fear – based solely on the Ego – and there is no longer any need for religion, which has been – and is today, especially – the source of almost all wars and much pain and suffering in the Human Game.)

One of the awesome “miracles” of the Human Game is that although each Player has its own unique and independent “reality,” a Player is able to interact with other Players with their own unique and independent “realities,” like two or more virtual reality machines coming together. However, another key to True Happiness, “ultimate freedom” and peace of mind is for a Player to realize they cannot be a victim of any other Player under any circumstances and take full responsibility for their own condition in the Human Game. After all, the “reality” any one Player experiences is strictly its own – projected from its own brain – and no one else’s.