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Malavika G Nair, India

I came across your book quite randomly. Needless to say it was shocking but also familiar. Like you said, this is perhaps what many other scouts wanted to say before they were diluted to be more acceptable to conventional religion. Also, I felt immediately relieved seeing how you exposed the truth about new age philosophies and law of attraction which had always struck me as incomplete or missing something but which I couldn’t pinpoint so far. My vision has cleared up a bit more and some things came as a reminder. I think that trusting your infinite i is the biggest leap of faith for mankind as it defies the logic. And logic is one of ego’s favorite tool in its survival kit. It amazes me how the core undiluted teaching of Upanishads, Buddhism, Stoicism, Taoism and your own model is the same across time and space. It’s just different hardware but same software on which we all run. Thanks for taking the time to write it. It’s simply marvelous.

Jim Alexander, Oregon

Stephen, I guess an analogy would be I’m milling around the edge of my hole at present and I’m delighted and intrigued with your presence out there. I know nothing about websites but assume they’re easy to correct or update. Perhaps you’re already aware, but I find it amazing that so many people don’t care to take time to share observations (or feelings). I enjoy your string of reviews, I appreciate that you included so many – thoughtful people.

You can do as you please, of course, it’s just me jumping in your hole, briefly. I may be back, though. In the meantime, a sincere thank you for what you’re sharing; much joy in free, eh?

Marten Valk, the Netherlands

With a lot of joy I read this book. A big difference with a lot of other books is that it’s completely free and costs nothing. Glad that Tim van Ringen translated it into Dutch!

As a “seer” I have seen that a lot of the “technical aspects” of this book are true. But I only saw small parts of it, like for instance New Agers or some “healers.” This book gives a very good bigger picture about how everything works.

The part of how to implement all these things into your personal life I do not understand very well. But that is more because of I myself do not understand the struggles and hardships of other human beings. This book gives you a great roadmap, as far as I can understand, to your transformation into a butterfly.

I especially like the very original way the writer, Stephen Davis, did transform the latest research concerning different sciences into a very nice and new concept, that is in my opinion very true.

So if you really seek the truth, please read this book and try to grasp all this. Then apply it into your life. So in the end you ‘ll fly away like a butterfly…

Alistair Johnston, U.K.

I read your book exactly a year ago and was intrigued at the time; not fully convinced, but willing to try out some of the ideas.

Just been reading it a second time now, and it makes a lot more sense to re-read it after a year of digestion!

Thanks for taking the time to write the book. It continues to captivate my thoughts on pretty much everything.

Jae Salas, Salem, Oregon

I feel that I have been guided by my Infinite I to the Holographic workshops, then to this book. The thing is, I had studied Bashar, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Tom Campbell, and then watched the “What the Bleep” movie several times, etc. before having the workshops appear on my recommended list on YouTube. It was just awesome synchronicity as I was able to follow easily along with the workshops, which I watched all 5 parts several times before downloading the e-book. I have read/listened to the audiobook many times and just ordered part 1 of Jed McKenna’s trio. I am very grateful for this information, and I am doing my best to understand it thoroughly and put it to practice. I have a feeling that it will take quite a while to completely eliminate judgement, as it is such a habit, and also to peel back all the ego layers as well.

Thank you, Stephen! I am finding it difficult to put into words just how much your information has impacted me and how grateful I am for your scouting efforts. I am so happy that you have been free of your cocoon since 2011, and hope that one day I can attend a workshop (not sure if you still do workshops?) or get the pleasure of meeting you in person.

Randy Scott, Gold River, CA

The entire content of this book is imbibed in the title. Peel the layers and you will see and when you do the cover page will disclose the transparency it is intended to communicate.

I’ve been peeling away the brittle layers of “ego-onion” for five years now [probably ten] (feels like a lifetime) with the aid of this book and many other distillation tools discovered to be littered about my inner malaise; and just moments ago, while driving down the freeway [literally] with no fixed destination to attend, except to be fully present of where my imploding mind doth take me, the title of this book hit me like a two ton heavy thing crushing any remaining resistance to the silent truth containing the matter dispassionately me.

Butterflies are free to fly. [This is a statement of truth, of personal fact.]

Realizing how much I had worried “up until now” about this very moment, wanting it yet resisting it all the same, with regard to when and where I do cease to exist, comprehending, fully, by means faintly understood, to wit freedom belongs – and the fine association this freely formed residence does so equate.

My sincerest gratitude….

David Fabrizio, Washington

Thank you Stephen for taking the time to write this book, a highly recommended read for all those inclined to jump down the rabbit hole or swallow the red pill. This book neatly ties up a lot of loose ends squirming in my mind – from ever since I was a kid wondering about existence looking up at the Mojave skies at night, to my adult hobby of digesting quantum mechanics and being a student of Taoism. After reading this book (and during) things started clicking faster than they ever have before. I started to test the model and the analysis right away. Apparently my “Infinite I” gave me two back to back near identical experiences just before this book found me. I worked the process and truth was revealed. At first I found no joy and actually felt a bit numb, but after reflecting once more I found the humbling gratefulness in both cases. The movie no longer interests me; Elvis has left the building.

Randall Scott, Sacramento, California

(This is a follow-up to an earlier book review…)

Well I just got to say what a wonderful journey I’ve been on.

You’re right there aren’t any people by which to converse with here. It blows my mind however to see and experience how many people have come to my aid in support of this journey, wanting to hear my ever expanding tale of beyond. Everything does change; in ways we can’t imagine at first; that’s the trust part. Mostly people have no idea what I am describing for them, mostly because they’ve no experience with anything other than the surface experience. Vocality is more an energetic thing these days than a form of vocabulary assemblance.

I’ve read your book as well as several others now many times with an ever increasing and deeper awareness of what I find to be the hidden metaphor. Your book has layers to it as do my perceptions of everything now. Gain awareness move through the layers. I don’t go anywhere really except through the layers in my thoughts. I’ve recommended your book to about a total of five people, none of them report having read it fully. Most haven’t even cracked a page.

I was involved with a men’s group over the last year (2014) and I found that emotional exploration useful during what I call my “coping” phase but now I’ve decided to move on and these guys are in near tears with regards to my departure. “I’ve got to move on” I told them. I guess when you’re stuck its tough to say goodbye. Sorted thing is that several of these guys are psychologist or therapists and at the heightened state of curiosity they display with regards to my transformation I am pulling the plug.

Thanks again, whoever and whatever you are!

Saad Zakik, Morocco

I would like to thank you so much for the great effort that you did to write this book and to edit the “holographic universe” workshops and I thank you again that you have given them for free.

I have read your book and watch the movie with a great interest and lots of attention, and it took me more than one time to get what it is about.

I can say that I have heard before about the law of attraction and its effects on someone’s life. I have tried it, and it has worked for me, but not all my wishes and desires came true 🙂 and I can’t confirm that it is real law unless the scientist will confirm it.

Hilton Davis, Johannesburg, South Africa

Your book, in my opinion (ha!ha!) – no seriously, resonates with a feeling of truth that only a few years ago would have kinda scared me.

Thank you for your clear, concise and understandable insights – I keep thinking of that song from that movie “What a feeling!”

Juvena Lee, Australia

Juvena went to the trouble of sending me an “audio review” – 1 hour and 15 minutes of a recorded, scathing book review. So I wanted to acknowledge her effort, which you can listen to here…


If you don’t have time to listen, the gist is that Juvena is very upset that I would suggest she doesn’t manifest her reality (as explained in my “ridiculous” model of an Infinite I). She claims she is the best manifester in the world (as well as being the most powerful and beautiful), and offers proof of having grown her own breasts to a larger and “perky” size. Juvena is very honest in saying that she loves her ego, which is extremely clear from the recording.

I accept Juvena’s challenge that we see in one year whether she is a “world-famous rock star,” and then decide about her ability to manifest anything she wants. (If she’s going to be a rock star, she probably needs an ego this big!)

UPDATE, October 24, 2016: It’s been more than 2 years since Juvena announced she was going to manifest herself as a “world-famous rock star.” I’m sorry to report that it still hasn’t happened. Sorry, because I really would like to see anyone and everyone achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t happen through “manifestation.” It only happens if your Infinite I (who is creating all your experiences) wants it to happen. And if so, then nothing can stand in the way of that hologram becoming “real.”

After the first year had passed, I emailed Juvena to see how her manifestation was coming along. She wrote back that “To be 100% honest with you, on this spiritual journey that I have been on, the one thing that I have always had trouble with is to predict the amount of time it will take to “manifest” things (or how long purges, etc, will last). As always, I had underestimated this “rockstar” manifestation as well.” And then she proceeded to give me all the reasons why she was not a “world-famous rock star,” including “males at work abusing me” and “body toxins,” but that she had recently handled all of that was “now on my ‘final phase’ on my journey before I am completely ready to manifest whatever I want.”

I wished her good luck again….

Linda O’Donoghue, England UK

I really enjoyed reading this book and I am going to read it again. Well written, easy to follow including the quantum physics which I usually can’t understand too well. The scientific research supports it well and I would recommend it to anyone looking for those age old questions re life and why are we here. I actually felt a sense of liberation after reading it.

Maria-Teresa Netti, Milano, Italy

I have so appreciated the audio version of the book, in a very clear and clean English, so I could listen to it while ironing, washing the dishes, on the public transportation while going to the office, having so few time left in the now for reading or watching.

Mike Manegold, Switzerland

First I wanted to thank my infinite I, by making this book part of my holographic experience! I needed this teaching to find answers to questions I had for a long time. I was very happy, how many of the authors experiences were similar or even the same to mine! I also had left the movie theatre at an early stage, at the time still unconsciously, but competent.

The scientific explanation at the beginning of the teaching and some specific questions triggered hours of joyful thinking. Did Infinite I try to hide the truth of us living in a hologram? Or by allowing us to see the different states of an electron punched against a wall, did he say, you look, it exists, you don’t, it doesn’t?

In an electronic game we are playing, the player is not of any interest to us, or have you ever asked yourself, how the shooter feels like having killed all these many opponents?

In the human game it’s different. It is not the result that matters, not the score, but the emotions and the reactions towards the experiences of the player that matters.

There is one big difference between me and the author. My ego is my friend and not my enemy. As outlined in the teaching, peeling off layers of layers of ego would lead me to….nothing. Do I like to be nothing?

So the task is maybe not to eliminate ego, but to watch it, not as an enemy, but to use it as an adviser? Ego for example knows how to fly, but the fun part is to learn it yourself. Knowing that is just beside me in the pilot seat, gives me confidence in trying. Also just to conclude this suggestion, is peeling off something not like resistance and would we therefore not achieve the opposite of what we trying to do, and ego would become stronger and stronger?

One of the teachings triggered my thoughts tremendously. The suggestion, that we cannot create, but Infinite I does it for us, we are only players. My curiosity wanted not to reject, but to understand, is that really true that we cannot create?

Maybe I ought to define creation first, before I analyse on it.

It’s a hologram I am in, it’s therefore not real, but it feels like real, because my brain says so. In fact only because I reflect on it, it’s there, meaning, without my reflection and reactions it’s not, it would not be there, therefore it would be not created!

Creation is than obviously a joint venture between me and Infinite I, so at least I am part of the creation?

I hear my ego breathing in relief.

Bringing me back to the movie theatre.

By not standing up I will only be part of the hologram, the watcher, but by standing up, I change this and become part of the creation, whatever that might be!

Many thanks again for this exciting read.

Randall Scott, Sacramento, California

The book format is spot on in a seemingly deliberate effort deflecting people away from or against their own inclination to attach to something or someone, to follow. But I’m certain the author had this in mind all along. I can see the bonfires and hear the tambourines of the mystics being play’d along with the weeping echoes of desperation from those who feel they’ve tried and failed but there’s no easy button here.

There does not seem to be any intentional spiritual trickery here or intellectual misdirection as overwhelming found within organized religion but the majority of readers will have a difficult time distinguishing between an Infinite I and a God as there seems to be a need for agenticity when it comes to authority. While I believe that the true intention in presentation of this information is to restock ones tool box with ideas that actually work within the plasticity of ones subjective reality rather than continuing efforts to visit the hardware store for milk i.e. Church (organized religions) That’s one my wife likes to use.

The simple premise seems to be that if what you’re doing doesn’t work try doing something different or in this case the exact opposite, which I sense might send some of the Lemmings running for the cliff but I don’t get the sense this book is a study of the psychological virulent mind.

If you’re looking for some truth in life this is a great place to start and the only way it’s going to make any sense along the way is to understand that it too isn’t real. It is another expressed thought in a sea of thoughts. I found it a useful tool that while reading I should apply strict principals of skepticism that highlight the contrast approach of “non-literal” for literal concepts i.e. interpreting any metaphorical content therein into a premise for reality only after conducting those experiments.

This appears to be a rather straight forward shot at the truth, if your willing to do the work and I don’t think the content could have been delivered any clearer, at least not for me anyway.

Jukka, Helsinki, Finland

Thank you very much for your book. I liked it very much. Had I your literal talents, I could have written it. So close are our conclusions and a view of human existence. Your life span resembles mine very much. Different outfit but emotional feedback into “infinite I” must be very close. Working with ego I see very much like you. It is like trying to get snake into a gun pipe. Your mentioned Eckhart Tolle’s ideas have been very helpful for me. Similarities go even down to detail as that me too have already decades dreamt about a big sailing boat. I have one since 30 years but much smaller than I would prefer. I have read books and seen videos from most of the scientists you name and found them equally interesting. Not believing is very easy. Believing is much more difficult. Solid scientific foundation makes believing so much easier.

Marko Ilmari, Vantaa, Finland

Hi, I’m glad for the change to write this review. I started your book for about six months ago and got it ready today. It’s been quite a trip! While reading, I also listened the audio book simultaneously, because it made me more concentrated on the topics. The text was all the way really thoughtful and made me very often to stop and think for a few minutes, and then go on reading and listening again.

Everything seems to make sense to me now. I have come to a point where I have no more questions to ask. Not at least tough questions about life or “reality” or other topics or subtopics that your book is about. And I’m so glad for the situation!

But I’m still not ready yet, I know that. I’ve been carrying a bunch of judgments, beliefs, opinions and fears that I am letting go of. And thanks to your book, I also have discovered what ego is: composed of many layers of false identities.

Or as I have told my friends, it is just full of roles: Maybe a role of an intelligent person, a role of a person that is always right, a role of a reliable friend… But none of those roles are real of course. I’m still just me, which is nothing. Every adjective one hears about oneself, is a trap where one can fall and let one’s ego make up itself.

So I have some work to do, but I’m very inspired doing it – to get it Done. While going further in my process, I could read Jed McKennas Enlightenment Trilogy, as you recommended.

I really want to thank you for this book! It’s honestly the best I’ve read. And thank you also for the audio book with clear voice. And the Holographic Universe Workshop series -videos! All of these products have given me a lot!

Eliseu Lima, Guarulhos, S’o Paulo, Brazil

Hello everyone!

I’m from Brazil, and I got quite happy when I had the opportunity to read this book, because it explained about forgiveness, judgment and so on, but from a perspective that I never never read before, and it changed my life a lot and to the better.

I would like to learn more about judgment and ego, because it’s so hard to get rid of it. Even knowing all the trouble it brings.

Thanks for writing this book Stephen Davis and god bless you.

P.S. Don’t you believe Jesus died at the cross? I’m a believer, all my family too, but I got confused when I read this part. Anyway tks.

Kathy Gudenau, Clinton Twp, Michigan

Ten days ago I was attracted to a copy of Michael Talbot’s “The Holographic Universe” at a thrift store. I sell books and I have also had an interest in physics for five years or so. I noticed right away the book is 20 years old. The next day, I read the first couple chapters and was so amazed I wanted to goggle the book so I could get an update on the author and the info in the book. I saw the link to what sounded like a sweet little book with a positive moral, your “Butterflies are Free to Fly”. I related it in my mind to “Hope for the Flowers”, and thought, Oh, a free short book, I’ll just read that this afternoon! Wow. Wow. Wow. I stayed up until 2 in the morning. I watched almost your entire video workshops without knowing who I was listening to! My path is changed forever. Thank you for waking me up. I look forward to the continuing journey! . . .

Chris Russell, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I just finished reading another great book. This book, Butterflies Are Free to Fly, has a couple of unique points that I want to discuss here with you. First the fact that this book is free, with no hidden costs, agendas or ulterior motives. It shows to me that the author, Stephen Davis, just wants to share with people what he has learned over the years. I believe that it gives him a credibility that the pursuit of money takes away. Then the next obvious difference I found in this book, was the content. It is a book that combines some of the most modern discoveries in science, with some of the most basic beliefs in spirituality. Then blends them into a new understanding of life, meaning, and purpose. Finally, it offers an alternative path towards spiritual awakening from the religious dogma and scientific narrow mindedness of our current and outdated paths.

The cutting edge science that this book brought to us is the quantum physics research and theories that have been changing the way we see our physical reality for the last number of centuries. Once again we see that quantum physics creates the possibility that we are not even in a reality based world. That our entire existence could be some kind of holographic illusion. We are living in a full immersion holographic reality. This notion takes theories about our existence to new levels of unbelievable, but probable possibility.

Mainly though it allows us to create some distance between our egos and our experiences. It does this by telling us that this is not real, everything that we see, hear, taste, touch and smell, all that we think, feel, remember and believe is all a figment of some cosmic game. We are taking it all way too seriously, and creating energy which we attach to events, people and things. This energy is then used to maintain our involvement in the ways of this world, it keeps our egos strong and our real essence, our true spiritual existence weak and insignificant.

Starting from there, the author takes us on a spiritual and psychological journey that is intended to bring us to a fuller and better understanding of who we really are. Through the process of peeling away layers of the ego, we become free of those negative (or positive) energies that we struggle with all the time. It is a process of facing and acknowledging each and every feeling you have. Then asking if the story behind that feeling is true. This will slowly take away all of your judgements, opinions and attachments.

The book is written in a sincere and honest voice. There is no pretentious tones, only real personal sharing of one man’s exploration of meaning, purpose and reality. I loved the book and recommend it to anyone who is seeking more out of life, but has found the traditional religions lacking, and the current scientific dogmas stifling.

John Buckingham, from Smashwords

Having read your book several times on ereader, printed pages that have a deep impact, and now listened on a cellphone, I cannot let a note of thanks pass. I’m probably of a similar age to you, and after a lifetime of reading have found the book that can be my last. My feeling is one of gratitude for your words. I acknowledge your courage, your extraordinary vision. and the sense of fun that makes the book, and life, so wonderful. My deepest thanks.

Mary Osmar, Highlands, NC

Such an amazing book, and I hope that’s not a judgment call. But how does one write a review without using adjectives or judging? Hmmm… Now I know that what I’ve been thinking is real; it’s time to fly. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your thoughts with all of us, and showing us the way and doing it for FREE! That’s the bottom line; you’re willing to share your knowledge without charging for seminars, books, weekend retreats, etc. Hope to see you flitting around – free flying! THANK YOU!

Sergio Monteiro, Oporto, Portugal

Fantastic work without a doubt, and I was really surprised with your ebook. It was like opening a door and finding that the door never really existed and the only thing that was suppressing me was my beliefs and judgements and I thank you for that!

Deborah Rohrlach, Ardross, Western Australia

WOW, what an amazing book. I have just devoured part one, and had to write and tell someone (it’s lonely in my cocoon)! This was exactly what I needed at the right time, having spent so many years on ‘self discovery’ I now understand more fully what I was doing, and why I was feeling isolated and ‘resisting’ the cocoon. Thank you for making it available and free, I am continually amazed how much deeper and unfathomable our experience is, I can’t adequately describe it in words, but you have done a brilliant job.

Susan J Kirk, Forreston, Illinois

Butterflies Are Free was recommended reading somewhere along the line. When I discovered it was a free 300+ page book I was impressed because in the Movie Theater very little any more comes w/o a price tag. That was my first indication that the book was going to represent a different view point from the modern Gurus. I was not disappointed. I appreciated the footnotes and view them as a mark of a serious writer. I also appreciated the honesty with which the author approached his very controversial view of all of life. He made it clear that as a “scout” he had found a path through the mountains, not necessarily THE path through. That was another hopeful indication that his work had substance. Again, I was not disappointed. The fact that he made it clear that he was not finished with his cocoon work was encouraging as well because there was no ego wrapped up in that statement! Humbling in fact, because the title of the book leads one to suspect that a Butterfly has arrived in the form of the author! I have read the book once. Now, I plan to print it and study it. It has become for me a cherished work already because the author is the first person I feel honestly has been where I have been. I am extremely encouraged to think that maybe the cocoon time will produce something beautiful and freeing. Thank you so much Stephen for this valued work.

Sabeen, North Cyprus

This book makes a really exciting read; I finished it in two days which is a record for me. I didn’t have to write about it, but I had a strong feeling that I should.

Irma, New Mexico, USA

Thank you Stephen. Such wonder, illuminating my way out of the movie theater. I do not mind being in my cocoon for as long as it takes to transform into a butterfly. The journey will be interesting, painful and insightful. I have been at the back of the theater many many years and am excited about finally stepping out the door and knowing I can not go back. I am already experiencing the transformation but know I have a long long way to go. Thank you, let me know when you do become a butterfly. But most of all thank you for opening my eyes that I am not the only one who sees “the rubberband is about to snap” and that others see things as I do. Wonderful book, thanks for taking the time, the energy and even the financial burden of providing for those of us who are tired of the theater knowing there has to be a better way. Looking forward to my own metamorphosis.

Sean Clarke, UK

Just listening to your audio program for the second time and felt called to be in touch RE the closing parts of chapter 8; “this may only be for the baby boomers”. Recently turned 33 and I’m deeply into the ultimate resolution, whatever it is, had many tastes and periods of the resounding simplicity of it, and spend a good twelve hours a day (at least) in the clasp of “spiritual autolysis” as you put it, between the intensity of the catalyst and the breakthough of pure truth entering the cocoon, right on the edge of that most of the time. I dunno, maybe I “popped early” as it has been my interest and focus for about seven years or more now, realising there is no solution in the movie theatre, and will likely become (maybe already am) a guide much like yourself, as my process flows into words each day, which are forming into books, which I now realise are just echoes of where I once was expressed for people to follow me into nowhere, whenever they’re ready. Thanks for your efforts of clarity and expression, its very helpful and supportive to another intending to “go all the way” in this life cycle!

Recording Artistry: http://www.sgclarke.com

Patrick, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

I don’t wish to be overly dramatic here, but let’s just say that an almost completed manuscript is about to be tossed in the trash can as a failed effort …. after reading only the first five chapters of your Butterflies Are Free To Fly PDF. Your introduction was brilliant! And your thoughtful preface was something that all writers would be wise to include in their own offerings, if they intend to be properly understood. Through your own writings, I am getting a much needed master-level lesson in the art of clear communication. For literally the first time in my 83 years, I have discovered someone whose science-oriented writing seems like a conversation directed precisely to me, and in a manner that resonates strongly enough for me to be able to suspend any skepticism that I might have had about yet another book on Quantum Physics and its ilk.

Sandra, Walpole, Massachusetts

I love your book and want to thank you (and my infinite I) for it appearing. I am out of the movie theater and look forward to getting it done.

Bongekile Mthembu, Johannesburg, South Africa

Wow. I haven’t finished reading the book yet – I am on Chapter 12. Stephen’s metaphors and analogies are amazing. I have tried reading so many “naive metaphysics” books and I just give up after the first couple of pages because really they sound like a load of bull…. “My body is not real, the world is not real….bla bla bla”. But this book makes so much sense to me. I have been standing at the back of the movie theatre for a couple of months now – not belonging in any group. Just standing there not knowing what to do next. I suppose I was in the library trying to find out where to go from here. Whew….I am through the door, I am in my cocoon – on my own – and I am relieved to be on my own. The chaos and the madness in the movie theatre was driving me mad!!! I have so much to say – but in short….THANKS STEPHEN, YOU MAKE SO MUCH SENSE!!!!

Leonard, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I was primed for the three of you (you, Robert Schienfeld and Jed McKenna) partly through my work in A Course in Miracles, and especially Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe which did a great job of spelling out the dynamics behind who we really are, and that everything that’s impermanent is nothing an illusion. I was introduced to Robert’s 2nd Busting Loose book through several synchronicities, and like you, got into Jed’s books through Robert. For me, Jed’s books are impeccable. Although I’m no longer involved with Oneness University, I spent nearly 2 years working with them. They had one teaching (Anything that’s experienced fully and completely transforms to joy.) that I found to be quite powerful, and it set me up to immediately resonate with Robert’s incredible tool, The Process. What you’ve done for me is to make it all so accessible … really nice work. Thanks, Stephen. For me, I do find the Course‘s metaphysics to be more plausible (and it’s not important) – that the ego got us into this mess of an illusion because of our “feelings” of sin, guilt and fear, and it seems all are agreed that it’s the fear – terror, really – of no-self, or loss of our indiviDUALITY, that’s the granddaddy of all fear. What Robert refers to as Phase 2 is basically what the Course calls “choosing another teacher”. It’s too bad the Course is such a heavy-duty slog as well as using all of that biblical terminology. By the way, you did a great job explaining the quantum physics of how this is all a holographic universe, and then bringing in The Field.

Keith, Dallas, Texas

Thank you for sharing your model. Yours is one of the few books that I am immediately beginning a 2nd reading cover-to-cover. As a musician, I’ve always taken pride in taking an emotional perspective on life. Who knew? (Well, you did…) I’ve already caught myself in opinions/emotions and stopped to work down to a possible underlying judgment. I rejected it and instantly got back to joy. The model is still a little difficult to grasp, but I can’t argue with initial success. I am determined to see the Pacific! Thanks to your Infinite I and mine.

Scott, Orange County, CA

Your book has changed my Life. It has opened my mind and “I” will never be the same. Free at last, free at last! This IS the New Paradigm for a new world. Thank “you” and your Infinite I.

Shamim, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I am most grateful for your book. I cannot recall how I came across your beautiful book, but I had saved it on my desktop and kept seeing it daily wondering what it was I had saved. Finally, as I was cleaning up my computer desktop, I opened your book and couldn’t stop reading. Everything you say in it resonates with me, and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. My own Infinite I had made me save your book for this very reason, that I needed to read it and see the concept of complete submission from another vantage point. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Marisa, London, England

I really feel so grateful to my Infinite I that has given me the opportunity to read your book as part of my holographic experience! I am a Spanish girl aged 29, living and working in London. I would like you to know that I have really enjoyed your book and that – even though I have never been able to express it on words – I have experienced myself many of the feelings you describe both for the first and the second half of the Human Game. I think I have been in my cocoon now for a couple of years, since I realized reality was not out there but inside me and directly related with my reactions to every situation. What I didn’t know is that that reality came in wave length form to be processed by my brain, an amazing point that, considering my scientific background, makes the whole story much more consistent! But the point is, whatever you call it, I reached the same point or very close to what you describe in the book (feeling joy and abundance etc). It is so great to be alive, and it is such a gift to be able to realize !

Winifred Potenza, Santa Rosa, California

Love your book…. am re-reading it now. Four years ago I painted this…. 6 feet high…. called “”Metamorphosis…Butterflies are free.”


Adriana Minio, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I am in the middle of a 3-week retreat in my own bedroom, focusing on reducing every thought and idea, in dismantling the falsehood of my opinions, beliefs and fears. Your book came as a real GIFT to me. I found it while browsing a blog about Jed’s work. I just finished his third book and I will start all over. I am planning to send your ebook to all my friends and family. They think I am crazy; this will confirm it. Thank you for taking the time to produce such a wonderful trip into the theater and the unreality of it. I think I am in love with you.

Hector Jorge, Benicassim , Spain

I wanted to thank you for your fantastic book. It came in a ‘perfect’ moment for me. I’ve been doing the Jed McKenna process for 8 months now. What a trip it has been so far! Your book has sped up the process tremendously. Thanks for putting so much time, energy and effort in sharing your thoughts.

Robert Mace, Colorado City, Texas

I [too] have been a scout for quite a while. And, as you relate in a very early chapter, it can be quite a lonely job, with few who will even understand your report when you return from your adventures. I think the greatest benefit of Butterflies Are Free To Fly, to me, was realizing that I am not so alone on the journey. I could laugh openly at the many common areas of experience that we have both had. I could recite your reading list throughout the decades as if it were copied from a list of my own. My almost-60-years in this incarnation so far have brought me many miles, even while never leaving the geographical miles of the U.S. I’ve endured both the idiots and the avatars, the frauds and the frontiersmen. Many years ago, I had a very pleasant acid experience. I called it a mental enema. Your book was, for me, a metaphysical enema. As I read, I “wow”ed a few times, and “whew”ed at others. A lot of clarity through cleansing. A hearty “Thanks” transmitted from my Universe-I to yours.

Danica Jo, Nashvile, TN

I am only 19 and have been waiting for years for my Infinite to deliver me your book. After reading it I’ve been putting the ideas to practical use. Thanks a bunch for scouting for me. So far this is the most amazing path I have been on over the Rockies – like really you have nooooo idea.

C. R. Ravi Chandran, India

I think I got to read your book just when I had realized that I was watching the biggest movie and wanted to find a way out of the theatre. As you point out there are many ‘gurus’. There has been no solace to me either from the living ones and the dead. You will appreciate that not all of us are abreast of the developments in science, especially when people have to rush about just to exist as in India from where I write. I was in such a mess (am still so) but have realized that I have left the theater and entered the cocoon, and my bigger I just put your book in my hand so that I won’t feel tormented by the change. Your greater I has done a great service to all us holographic creatures.

Jace P., Canada

This has been an incredible read and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m definitely recommending it to others.

G. Almestica, U.S.A.

I wrote a small essay long ago on how I was putting on layers upon layers of “titles” since birth, how I never knew “me” because all we do is to conform to what society wants. Something has never felt right. I remember being very little and telling a life teacher “how do you know your red is my red? You show me a red square, but I see what you’ll call green…so from now on my (visual) green is called red. This book explains my “weirdness” if only just a little, of feeling “it’s all a game” and welcoming all experiences with little resistance. Working “just enough” because I’m certain it will be ok, and enjoying having virtually nothing. I’m glad I found my way to that door in my 30’s…and walked into my cocoon. Thanks to my Infinite I for allowing this amazing experince, what an amazing book!

Harmeet Singh Sokhi, Belgium

I have read the book and I must say that I have never ever been so absorbed in a book. Your viewpoint is so fresh and logical. The way you have incorporated the quantum physics aspect is spellbinding. I am simply overwhelmed by your imagination and the ability to communicate so clearly. Must have come straight from the heart – or should I say nothingness that remains when all layers of ego are removed. Looking forward to more of your work.

Andy Buss, Thailand

It would appear that there are so many experts out there in the world, each making great amounts of money. Yet from my experience I have found that each so-called expert only held a single piece of the puzzle and not all the answers. Your work explains for free so much truth in simplicity that I know to be correct. The quantum physics material is brilliant. I am just entering the cocoon stage in that I know every belief that I currently hold is limiting me from the Infinite I. At least I know what lies ahead. Thank You. Your work may not earn you money or public appreciation but it is helping a lot of people discover answers within themselves – as opposed to the so called experts that each have the answer, well they do for themselves financially. Your goal was to advise others from the wisdom of your personal journey and you are doing that through your book around the world. I have a 10-year-old son. Your life experience – the ups and down – will serve as the basis of his understanding. Your wisdom and work is inspiring others to the truth within themselves. Nothing can be more satisfying; and is that not the true purpose of life? Congratulations & Thank You.

Kenneth Hershberger

Thanks for the free book. Best book I have.

Mike Chandler, Oregon

Loved the book. After reading Scheinfeld and McKenna many many times, I finally get it.

Nancy Heimstra, California

Thank you Stephen. I devoured your book. It tied up a few “loose ends” for me regarding my Busting Loose work. I have been so joyful reading it and recognizing that it is a truth that resonates deeply with me. I appreciate your personal insights and sharing. Thanks again for a brilliant read. Keep writing!!!

Gary Rutz, Alberta, Canada

Stephen has written an original and well designed book of the mind that offers the reader the path to understanding the true nature of our reality and therefore the real path to peace. I would love to go on and on about the model as Stephen describes it or a comparison to my beliefs (or other belief systems) but that is not what is important about this book. And Stephen has written an important book. Whether it works for you or not, Stephen has given you a detailed plan, a detailed model, that, at the very least should be added to the Core lexicon of “who are we” and “what we are” literature. Stephen has brought a lifetime of learning to his book . From worldwide travels; time in the military; Scientology and a lifetime of searching through a wide variety of scientific and new age alternatives, Stephen has made a detailed and determined path to peace that he calls the Model. Starting with quantum physics and building on it with the pieces of his reading that he has found have worked for him and a few others that He calls the Scouts (scouts that-have gone ahead and lead the way in trying the model), Stephen collects it all together in a very new and original way. For me, I stand by my belief system, but more importantly Stephen has reminded me of the Concepts we agree with and as I had fallen asleep – in the spiritual sense – I am very grateful for Stephen’s book. Thanks to Stephen, I can see peace again and should his model work for you, you will see peace too.

Stephen’s comment: Gary has written his own book that also offers a path to understand reality, called You Are The Answer.

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